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Maxflow.app is a web-based platform for process automation. It allows users to connect simple components together to make workflows that perform flexible and complex jobs. Many components in Maxflow are wrappers of legacy desktop/web apps such as Excel or Web Browser, but there are stand-alone components that are small apps made available only on Maxflow. Maxflow also allows users to create and own components which can be shared with their organization or the world.

Corporate technology democratization and knowledge capture

Corporations usually depend on internal experts to do business. The issues are that: first, when people move on to other jobs, the knowledge is lost, causing delay or disruption; and second, when expertise is in silos, communication becomes inefficient. Using Maxflow resolves both the issues. No documents are better in transfer of knowlege than an automated workflow built with Maxflow which contains complete information needed to execute the process, and is as intuitive as a mindmap. Automated workflows are also readily deployable for more people to use. In other words, Maxflow helps democratize expert capabilities.

Design optimization with confidence

Maxflow has multiple components for finding optimal design with confidence. It includes both proprietary tools as well as latest algorithms from the research communities. Once the workflow is automated, smart exploration algorithms can be applied to run thousands of times to generate not only the desired design but also data to give a holistic view of the design problem for confident decision making. Maxflow has multiple components for finding optimal design with confidence.

Check out this video about our tradespace visualization tool.

Digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical system. Its purpose is to provide insights into what was going on with the system at any moment in the past, or predict what will happen in the future. That’s great, but what is it exactly and how to build it?
A digital twin for a machine involves using field data, design information, together with modeling software to create more insights, that is more data and more visualization that are conceivable by humans. In this process, physical simulation could be used for feature engineering that greatly enhances the accuracy of machine learning modeling. The key for successful implementation lies in leveraging existing data sources and computational processes to build multiple models efficiently. Maxflow is a natural fit for this purpose.

App delivery platform

If you distribute desktop or web apps, what can be better if they can be delivered right to users workflows? Maxflow can do just that for you. Here are the benefits:

  • Users love it because they can integrate your app easily into their workflow.
  • User can do more with your app, such as design optimization.
  • Your app is automatically marketed to our user base.
  • You can manage users and sales on our platform without the complex licensing process.

Watch this Youtube video to see an optimization software nicely integrated with Maxflow.

Contact us to make your app available as a component in Maxflow.

Risk analysis

Business decision making is the art of balancing risk and return. We often use Excel to calculate the profit of a future business venture, but the problem is that there are always uncertainty in the inputs and assumptions. A better way is to look at the probability distribution of the outcome. Maxflow makes it easy for you to do these analyses on top of your traditional calculation.

You can find an example for Risk Analysis here.

Publishing workflows on mobile apps

A workflow can be enabled to run on mobile devices via Maxflow mobile apps. Running a workflow on the mobile app provides mobile-specific features as well as better user experience. In order for a workflow to appear on our mobile app, simply turn on the “Available on mobile” toggle on the edit page. This means anyone can turn desktop workflows into mobile apps quickly without professional coding skills or deployment hassles.

Publishing workflows as web apps

A workflow also functions as a regular web app. In this running mode, the user who runs the app will only see the interface and not the workflow details. The workflow creator has the option to publish a workflow to the public or corporate Maxflow webstore, and potentially monetize it. This means anyone can turn desktop workflows into web apps quickly without professional coding skills or deployment hassles.

Digital assembly lines

Assembly Lines have revolutionized the industry by chaining together physical workstations to improve efficiency and quality. It is even easier and more beneficial to create “Digital Assembly Lines” for computer-based processes. An automated workflow, or “Digital assembly line”, can save up to 90% of the time and cost. Automated workflow can open up even more benefits than one can imagine.

Easy API creation

Build enterprise Api in minutes, without worrying about server deployment and maintenance. This picture is of an Api that takes data from various sources to feed in a visualization app in a Digital Twin system which requires the integration of multiple disciplines and models.


# Python format:
nextPoints, URL = maxflow_opt(token, x_train, y_train, x_criteria, y_criteria, n_next, need_url)
  # x_train: [[x1, ..., xn], ..., [x1,..., xn]]
  # y_train: [[y1, ..., ym], ..., [z1, ..., zm]]
  # x_criteria: dictionary containing "bounds", "pref", "weight", "discrete"
  # y_criteria: dictionary containing "bounds", "pref", "weight"
  # n_returns: number of points to return
  # need_Url: if True, URL for advanced visualization and exploration is returned.
  # next_points: List of points to evaluate next. The first point in the list is
  # the optimal candidate (exploitation point). The rest are exploration points.

Maxflow Optimizer

A natural benefit of workflow automation is optimization. Once workflows are automated, it is easy to let the computer simulate it thousands of scenarios to find the best ones. Maxflow optimizer is a web API for general purpose optimization. It aims to find globally optimal solution for expensive and noisy blackbox objective and constraints. At each optimization step, you would call the API and give it your optimization criteria and training data (i.e. previously evaluated inputs and outputs). The API would return several points for you to evaluate next, including the optimal candidate. You would then evaluate some points and call the API again in the next step with updated training data. The API also returns a web link for more advanced visualization and insight into your design problem.
If you are looking for a robust and easy to use optimization algorithm for embedding into your software as a feature, or solving your specific problems, this API is the right solution for you.

Professional Services

Process automation and app development

As the developer of Maxflow, we are the best to help you quickly build high quality workflows and deploy them corporate wide as web apps. Our workflows can be shared corporate wide in dev mode or deployed as web and mobile apps in Maxflow can build complex workflows that other process automation software such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) cannot.

Our talented team can also help build custom capabilities for your Maxflow environment in areas such as:

  • Data analytics & machine learning
  • 3D and data visualization
  • Engineering simulations
  • Design optimization


Application Engineers

We are looking for application engineers who will use our Maxflow platform to build apps for Industrial customers.


  • Work with customers to understand their detailed requirements
  • Use our Maxflow platform to build apps that solve customers problems
  • Deliver apps 5X better (quicker and more elegant) than traditional process
  • Focus on the Industrial Sector, i.e. not ecommerce or social media, etc.
  • Great technical communication skills
  • General understanding about web apps, good sense of UX
  • Ability to quickly understand engineering problems in the Industry
  • Always strive for the best quality of work
  • Traditional engineers who are also passionate about app development
  • Software engineers who are also passionate about Industry

At Maxflow, we believe that digital transformation is largely dependent on the ability to build apps more easily and efficiently. It is about putting the power of app creation into the hands of users, where most creativity stems from and adoption is targeted. We believe the Industrial Sector is the best to pioneer this movement, and that’s where we are focusing our efforts at this stage. With our experience and proven methodologies to deliver outstanding solutions, we are confident that we will achieve our goal.

To apply, please email your resume to the address in the Contact section below.

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